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Aviation Earpieces
Custom-fit Earpieces for the Aviation Industry

Custom-fit Pilot Earpieces
Product Specifications

​Custom-fit Aircrew Earpieces detailed specification:

Custom-fit Aircrew Communication Earpieces have been developed over the
last ten years in association with a team of helicopter test pilots in the UK and Italy. Designed for use in a helicopter under military-specification helmets,
Aircrew Earpieces are custom-made from medical-grade silicone in a selection
of colours and provide a minimum of 30dB attenuation from external noise.
The earpieces allow communications to be delivered clearly, directly into the
ears in a high-noise environment. Without the complications of active noise
reduction systems, Aircrew earpieces provide passive attenuation across the
whole frequency range, a very comfortable fit and considerably less fatigue
to the wearer. We use only the highest quality components in our products
and they are reliable and robust in use.

Please note you will need to be seen by a qualified Audiologist for impressions to be taken of your ears. Call for latest pricing