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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions
We hope this list will answer any questions that you may have. Contact Us if your question remains unanswered and we will be happy to help advise you.

General Questions

Do I need to have impressions taken of my ears?
Custom-fit earpieces are the ultimate in comfort and fit. Before we can manufacture these earpieces it is necessary to have impressions taken of your ears. This will be done by a qualified Audiologist, all of whom are fully trained and certified to take impressions.

Having your ear impressions taken is painless. Firstly the Audiologist will carry out otoscopy (examination of your ear canal) to ensure that it is safe to take the impression. Any sign of infection or a build up of cerumen may not allow us to carry out the procedure. A small foam block is placed in the ear canal to protect the eardrum and the impression material is inserted to a certain point in the ear canal. The impression material is left in the ear to cure for around five minutes and then removed. That impression is then used to manufacture the earpiece in our laboratory.

It is highly recommended that only a qualified Audiologist carries out this procedure; it is very important that the ear is examined thoroughly to establish that it is healthy and that there is not a build up of cerumen (ear wax). Impressions cannot be taken from an infected ear as the process may aggravate the infection and the impression is unlikely to be accurate. If you have a perforated ear drum or have had ear surgery it is essential that you mention this to the Audiologist before you have any ear impressions taken. If there is any doubt about the ear itself not being totally healthy then we are obliged not to carry on with the procedure.

Where do I get ear impressions taken?
We have several locations where we can take the impressions of your ears. These include Harley Street, Barnes, Reigate, Horsham, Bournemouth, Dorchester and Banbury.

Alternatively, we can arrange appointments locally for you using one of our agents. We also provide a site visit service where we will come to see you to take the ear impressions. Please call us on: 0800 542 5225 for further information.

What is the best material for custom-made earpieces: hard acrylic or soft silicone?
This is nothing more than personal preference. The medical grade soft silicone is available in many colours and is flexible, yet strong and extremely comfortable. The acrylic is hard-wearing yet, because the earpieces are made to the exact shape of your ear, they are extremely comfortable to wear.

Why should I choose Hearing Electronics Limited products?
We have been manufacturing earpieces for many different applications for 20 years and are very familiar with the types of products needed for effective listening, communication and monitoring. Our excellent reputation for bespoke hearing solutions makes us the first choice for both individuals and companies alike.

If you require any further help or information please call us on: 0800 542 5225 or

Will the impression taking procedure hurt?
No, you will just experience absolute silence for a few minutes while the impression material cures. If you prefer, we can do one impression at a time rather than both together, so that you are not in total silence.

Are there any solutions if I have hearing loss?
We have helped many individuals who have suffered hearing loss, usually through years of exposure to high sound levels. Our sister company Hearcentres Limited can carry out hearing assessments and offer advice on hearing loss and hearing aids.

What is a standard-fit earpiece?
If you prefer not to wear a custom-fit earpiece, we have a range of standard-fit (generic) earpieces. Please call: 0800 542 5225 or email for further information and prices.

​Do I have to have custom-fit products?
Having custom fitted earpieces is a considerably more comfortable and they can exclude ambient noise. However, we have a wide range of standard-fit (generic) earpieces too.

Sales Questions

​How much are the earpieces?
Please refer to the prices quoted on our website or call us on: 0800 542 5225, or email for further information.

How can I order more Hearing Electronics products?
We keep your impressions on file so that if you require additional products or repeat orders, we can make those without having to see you to take new impressions.

How long will it be before I receive my earpieces?
Broadcast earpieces are usually dispatched after impressions are received in-house, within 5-7 working days, whilst other earpieces (for shooting, motorsport and leisure) are usually dispatched within 7-10 working days. An express service is also available and we pride ourselves on fast delivery of all our products.

Which payment methods do you take?
Payment will be accepted by bank transfer, debit/credit card and purchase order.

Do you sell custom-made I-pod Earpieces and In-Ear Monitors?
Custom-fit earpieces are the preferred option for professional users giving superior audio performance and comfort as well as excluding ambient noise sources. We have a large range of these products and will be happy to advise on which would be the most suitable for you.